All About me

Hello and welcome to Jamberry. I am your consultant, Ruby. I am a wife and a mother to three grown children (one of which I've recently lost), and grandmother of three smart and handsome little boys.
I've always had the bad habit of Nail Biting. Which made my nails thin, and weak. I used to paint them to try to keep myself from biting them
Id spend hours doing different effects on them, to no avail. For the most part, i didnt mind too much, but my husband didnt like the smell of nail polish, much less the gel top coat i used to keep it fresh longer. They gave him headaches.
Then, I tried Jamberry, just one time and fell in love with the ease of application. What once took hours now can take minutes. And they last much longer. And whats even better is I no longer bite my nails so theyg grow and asre much healthier. I LOVE Jamberry!
Take a look at all the styles. Find something you like? Take it home. Book a party or a personal meeting and I can help you get a proper long lasting application. And thank you for visiting.



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